Heirloom Memoirs

Bespoke heirloom memoirs books and products for private and family collections

Your life is precious. Preserve your memories and stories for future generations. 

At Savvy Scripts Publishing, we specialise in creating bespoke, Heirloom Memoirs and Biographies, published only for private, family collections.

We help you create treasured, long-lasting books that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Some books are too precious to belong in a bookstore, which is why we create personal volumes and historic collections that only you and your family have access to.



“Some books move an audience of millions an inch, your Heirloom Memoir will move those who matter a mile.” – A. Hunt. 

It’s important to note, that at Savvy Scripts we are writers, not historians, and as such do not provide genealogical research. The memoirs can however, go hand in hand with any personal research that you’re conducting and we can collate the information that you have and publish these for you.

The Memoir Creative Process

Each memoir is as unique as the family behind it, as your publisher, we strive to create an easy to follow process to bring your book to life. 

1. Introductory Session

Before we begin your book, we offer a COMPLIMENTARY, 30-minute session, so we can get to know you – and you can get to know us! We want you to be absolutely comfortable in sharing your story with us, so if you feel like we’re not the right fit, that’s no problems – our complimentary session is obligation-free.

2. Recording your Interviews

It’s time to start creating your book! We do this via 60 minute sessions, which are held via private ZOOM sessions. Holding our interviews online means we can talk to you, no matter where you are in the world! You are welcome to invite two other family members to join you in the session.


3. Writing & Editing

This is the BIGGEST part of the memoir-creation process! And it takes time. From your interviews, we’ll create a draft manuscript and then with your help, we’ll build on the story until it’s finished! We recommend you share your draft with family and encourage them to make additions.

4. Photos & Family Tree

You can choose as many photographs as you like, but keep in mind this is not a photobook. We place a selection of your photos throughout your story and then create a mini album at the back of the book.

If you have a family tree or timeline that you’d like to use, we can also design this for your book. Please bear in mind, we do not offer genealogical research services.

5. Proof & Layout

We collate all the materials you have given us for your manuscript; documents, photos and family tree and lay them out into your book.

After a final proof we check formatting, develop a beautiful book cover with our designer and prepare your manuscript for the final stage – Printing!

6. Printing

This is it! This is where your life and memories are printed into your very own book. You’ll receive a beautiful, hard-cover copy of your book, and a PDF file so you can print as many extra copies as you like.

In order to limit our carbon footprint, we aim to connect with a printing company that’s local to you. If you have one in mind – please let us know! 

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