Handmade Services

Let our creative studio develop something special just for you or your loved ones. From typewritten letters and books to wax sealed products and calligraphy, we can bring your antique dreams to life.

Typewriter Services

Whether its for your personal collection or as a gift, we have a number of typewritten products to help you find what you are looking for.

Wax Seals

Have a letter, invitation or written item that you'd like to have wax sealed? We have a large variety of colours and stamps to choose from.

Paper Stock

Developed in our creative studio, why not try our newest handmade or dyed paper sheets and scrolls for your next written or craft project?

Visit our new online store and see our new stock today!

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Typewriter Services

While typewriters may be a tool of the past we at Savvy Scripts love the aesthetic and feel of the typewritten letters and notes. Let us create a sensory experience of paper, ink and embossing with our Adler Universal 390 Typewriter.

Please remember that typewritten documents will take longer than our regular services. Whether its a letter, poem, short story or novel, we can find a service that's right for you.

Calligraphy and Ink Works

With a variety of styles and inks at our disposal, let our creative team write, draw or outline their way to creating a perfect memory or gift just for you.

We work with:

  • Writing and drawing inks,
  • metallic burnishing,
  • Large variety of pen types and nib shapes/sizes,
  • Standard paper formats,
  • In-house handmade paper formats.

Whether it's a name, poem, letter or accompanying artwork, contact us today to see if our calligraphy and ink works packages are right for you.

Wax Sealing

Whether it's as an addition to our typewriter or calligraphy services or a letter you wish to add a little pop to, we can help with adding wax seals to your next project. 

With a large collection of wax colours and an ever growing stamp collection, let us find the right combination for your next literary flourish.

Paper Stock

Our creative studio has been busily working to develop and supply our wonderful writers and clients with a vast array of handmade and dyed paper stock.

Whether you are looking for an addition to our printing services or something to use in your personal projects at home, Savvy Scripts has a wide array of paper types, makes and thicknesses to suit.

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